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Now selling Johnny B styling products

Now selling Johnny B styling products

Hair by Cece Now selling Johnny B styling products

I ‘ve been using Johnny B styling products for about 5 years now and must say it’s my favorite styling product for my male clients. The price is very reasonable and when using the product you don’t have to use a lot so a little goes a long way. So far my clients have loved the fact of being able to get a great haircut and pick up some of their favorite Johnny B styling products. Here are a few of my favorite products I’d like to share with you. Street Cream – a pliable, fibrous cream designed to add thickness with a matte finish. Molding Paste – has a natural shine with a heavy duty hold to give a clean classy look. Johnny B mode gel – effortlessly styles your hair with the guarantee to last all day long without flaking. So come on down to Hair By Cece where you can get your Johnny B styling products and amazing service at a reasonable price!

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