Hair-tips To Avoid Hair Breakage

Hair-tips To Avoid Hair Breakage

Over my 15 years of being a hairstylist , I have seen many women who sit in my chair with hair breakage that could have been prevented. Sometimes we don’t realize what damage we can do to our hair so here are 3 Easy Hair-tips To Avoid Hair Breakage at home.

1.  Brushing hair when its wet is a NO NO, doing so will stretch hair follicles and cause breakage. Instead use a wide toothed comb this will prevent stretching of hair.

2. Blow drying, flat irons and curling irons can cause breakage if not done right. Make sure you are using a thermal protectant this will coat and protect hair from extreme heat. Move curling iron and flat iron quickly through hair keeping it on 1 section for too long can burn and break hair , especially around hair line were hair is finer and more vulnerable.

3. Handling your hair in a rough way like wearing tight ponytails and braids promotes hair breakage , wear a loose braid or ponytail instead.

I hope these simple tips have helped you!

– Thank you, Hair By Cece

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